Music For Listeners

Weekly ongoing radio show broadcast on KRTU – FM 91.7 in San Antonio, TX.   Midnight – 3AM (central time) – Saturday Mornings
(An HTML5 version of the site is currently in the works.)
Official Music For Listeners Website

Since August of 2009 – The guest host segment of Music  For Listeners has been up and running.  As of the end of 2017, over 100 artists have taken the reigns of the program.  Check out the Flash based site I built for the segment.  (An HTML5 version of the site is also currently in the works.)
The 180 – Microsite

Since March of 2009 Music For Listeners has curated and presented unofficial daytime parties during SXSW in Austin, TX
Check out the microsites I have built for each set of parties.
2019 – Microsite
2018 – Microsite
2017 – Microsite
2016 – Microsite
2015 – Microsite
2014 – Microsite
2013 – Microsite
2012 – Microsite
2011 – Microsite
2010 – Microsite
2009 – Microsite